Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is an associate professor at the University of Oregon, where he directs the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory. He is also the chair of the IES's Daylight Metrics Committee.

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg's Posts

Annual Daylighting Performance Metrics, Explained Annual Daylighting Performance Metrics, Explained

Adopted by the Illuminating Engineering Society, Spatial Daylight Autonomy and Annual Sunlight Exposure allow designers to quantify and compare the success of daylit spaces. Read more

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The Benefits of Natural Light The Benefits of Natural Light

Research supports daylighting's positive effect on building performance and human health. Read more

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Designing the Lit Environment

There often is a tension between lighting designers who focus on daylighting design and those who concentrate on electric lighting design. Read more

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Daylight Dialect Daylight Dialect

Building a common daylight language will dramatically facilitate the necessary dialogue between architect, lighting designer, client, and contractor. Read more

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