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Establishing LED Test Data Protocols

Although LEDs and solid-state lighting (SSL) have made great strides in the lighting marketplace over the past several years, reliable testing of SSL products and data documentation have not kept up. It has taken the lighting industry some time to understand how to develop a set of metrics to properly represent the nuances of this light source in architectural lighting applications. Read more

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LEDs, Light, And Architecture LEDs, Light, And Architecture

The penumbra of a new medium. Read more

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The LED Evolution The LED Evolution

LED performance, color quality, output, and consistency have come a long way, but improvements are still to be had with this ever-evolving technology. Read more

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DOE Hosts Webcast on LEDs

The U.S. Department of Energy will host a 90-minute live webcast Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time/1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, called "LED Essentials: Technology, Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages". The presentation will provide a broad introduction to the essentials of light emitting diodes (LEDs). Kevin Dowling, vice president of innovation for Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions (formerly of Color Kinetics), will offer a comprehensive look at the evolving path of LED technology, from indicator lights to general illumination. Current technology status, applications, market trends, and next-generation lighting systems also will be discussed. To register for the October 11 webcast, visit Read more

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