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TKTS Booth, New York TKTS Booth, New York

A new ticket booth carves out a distinctive space in the heart of times square. Read more

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Lighting Software Tools

Lighting designers use software as a design tool to complement and contribute to the design process, for everything from complex calculations to presentation renderings. Read more

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Choosing Illumination Sources

Selecting the right lamp often can be a daunting task given the numerous factors a designer must take into account. There are external considerations such as price and recycling options. But when it comes to source performance, the designer must first consider the lamp base; next, the shape and treatment of the envelope, or bulb; and finally, the illumination source itself. Read more

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Designing for Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is finding its way into industry and commerce across America. As more and more businesses and buildings “go green,” companies are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and the waste produced by daily operations. Read more

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Energy Savings Energy Savings

Three lighting retrofits provide substantial paybacks. Read more

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