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Maintaining Lighting Quality with LEDs Maintaining Lighting Quality with LEDs

Jim Benya urges the lighting community to focus on LED lighting quality. Read more

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Technology Tales Technology Tales

A look at the lamp, luminaire, and general lighting technologies—some with staying power and others not—that have shaped the evolution of an industry and the arsenal of available solutions in the lighting designer's toolkit. Read more

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Controlling Glare

Glare is a fact of life. All of us certainly know it when we see it. But believe it or not, glare is not so easy to define in technical terms. Read more

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Drivin' Them LEDs Drivin' Them LEDs

In the brutal world of high-voltage, high-amperage energy systems operating at high temperatures, there stands alone one small but very useful device—the light-emitting diode (LED), also known as solid-state lighting (SSL). Read more

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Lighting's Workhorses Lighting's Workhorses

Jim Benya looks at the latest in lamps and ballasts Read more

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