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Euroluce 2013 Euroluce 2013

The lighting offerings at this year's show stood out with special brilliance. Read more

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The Light Bulb: A Remembrance of Things Past The Light Bulb: A Remembrance of Things Past

Today, as many governments worldwide begin to enact legislation that will phase out incandescent lamps, the Pace Gallery is paying homage to the iconic, endangered form with a show that celebrates the light bulb's role as an artistic muse. "Burning, Bright: A Short History of the Light Bulb," is a group exhibition that focuses on the incandescent lamp as both subject and essential tool. It spotlights a recurring fascination with the light bulb by some of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Read more

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Illuminating Design Illuminating Design

"Light Works," a compelling collection of illuminated three-dimensional works that blur the boundaries between art and design, lighting and sculpture is the newest project from Stefan Lindfors. All nine of the one-of-a-kind pieces are currently on view at Material ConneXion's (Materialconnexion.com) New York headquarters at 60 Madison Ave. through July 8th. Read more

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Milan's Euroluce: The Cool Lighting Show

Although LEDs led the pack at this April's biennial showcase for illuminating design, there were also inventive options with other sources. Read more

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