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Load Shedding and Lighting: The New Frontier Load Shedding and Lighting: The New Frontier

The energy crisis in the early 2000s highlighted the fragile state of the nation's power infrastructure. High demand quickly outpaced available energy, leaving many people in the dark during the hottest days of the year. The rolling blackouts continued for months in some parts of the country, and many scientists and researchers searched for ways to curtail energy needs in times of emergency—a process referred to as load shedding or demand response. The curtailment saves the power grid from overloading, preventing widespread blackouts and broken equipment that can prolong the crisis. Read more

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Just the Facts Just the Facts

DOE's SSL Quality Advocates program encourages manufacturers to simplify information about LED products for consumers. Read more

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Times Square Ball is Here to Stay Times Square Ball is Here to Stay

The new design from Focus Lighting will be a permanent fixture atop One Times Square. Read more

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Survey Finds Majority of Consumers are Unaware of the Incandescent Bulb Ban

Osram Sylvania has released the results of its first annual Socket Survey, documenting consumer interest in energy-efficient lighting—including the discovery that a majority of consumers are unaware of the ban on most incandescent bulbs, as mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Read more

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