continuing its mission to set the 'global standard for excellence in lighting design,' the IALD Membership Committee has embarked on a program to enhance membership. The main component of this plan: To increase membership by 15 percent by the end of the year.

The IALD hopes increased numbers will enhance the value of membership through the development and maintenance of member benefits, as well as increase the IALD's exposure to the public and clients, broaden the knowledge base of the association, strengthen its influence, and better represent the interests of independent architectural lighting designers worldwide.

The new campaign, titled 'One for One,' encourages each existing member to recruit at least one new member by the end of 2005. And not without incentive. Members who register new recruits by October 1 will receive a discounted registration fee for the 2005 IALD Education Conference-Lighting the Future: Responding to the Opportunities of a Worldwide Profession Today and Tomorrow-to be held in Alexandria, Virginia, October 21 to 22. Each new recruit will earn members a larger discount. With one recruit, there is a $20 reduction in price; two to five recruits equals a $40 savings; and six or more recruits will garner a $75 discount. Who said there isn't strength in numbers? A|L